What Is The Best Way To Frame A Collection Of Small Pictures

Many people have collections of small pictures such as vacation photos, postcards, or small drawings and paintings. Framed individually they may get lost on a large wall. Lots of individually framed small pictures on a large wall may look cluttered. One solution to this dilemma may be to use multi aperture frames instead of individual picture mounts. Done correctly, this way of displaying collections of small pictures looks attractive and important. There are frame companies such as EzeFrame that sell mounts and frames with multiple openings for artwork or photos.


Planning A Display Of Multiple Small Pictures

When a customer goes online to a company such as EzeFrame, they will get all the guidance needed to plan a successful framing project. The website gives the customer many choices in frame size, number and size of pictures within the frame, arrangement of the pictures, mat color, etc. It is important to first decide on the overall frame size, especially if the wall it will be hung on has limited space. Once the frame area is decided on, the number of pictures that will attractively fit within it must be decided. Then, that number of photos or pictures should be chosen.

If six small pictures will fit within a frame, the customer must choose the six that go well together because of a related subject or similar colors. If the pictures are the same size, it will be easier to plan the openings in the mat they will fit in. If the pictures are different sizes, it may take longer to plan the openings. The openings must have a certain amount of space around them. The website order and design page will be very helpful with this step. It is important to take the time to do this step correctly so that when the pictures are added, the finished display does them justice.

Larger collections may require several multi-opening frames hung together in an attractive manner. It will be important to decide which pictures go in each frame and diagram the arrangement with pictures and spaces numbered or lettered to coincide. This way, when the frames and mountings arrive, it will be easier to put the pictures into the correct openings in the correct frames. For more information on picture framing, contact an expert today.

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